Are you fit to be a Do-In Yogic Warrior?

Good question. How about it? What does it take to become a Do-In Yogic Warrior? It doesn’t take much. Yet it seems to be difficult. If it wasn’t, there would be world peace already. It only takes three things;

  1. be willing to learn
  2. be willing to investigate
  3. be willing to play

Willing to learn

Sounds easy right? Are you willing to learn? You would probably say: “yes of course, what kind of question is this?”.  But there could be a little thing we forget. If we take this journey, we will bump into the walls we have build for ourselves. So, if we are willing to learn, we will need courage. Courage is found in Spirit. We will find our calling (Dharma).

Are you willing to investigate? Do some research, no problem, right? Only this time you get to dig into your own mind and emotions, analyzing how it works, finding out what is truly going on. How we fool ourselves. So, if we are willing to investigate, we have to be cunning. This is about freeing the Mind, become free from our fate (Karma).

Are you willing to play? Well, who doesn’t. You think? Every-BODY wants to play and enjoy the way it moves and can be moved, sensing the physical, feeling the emotional and seeing through being mindful. There’s only one bump on the road; when we grew up, we learned to stop being playful.


So, if we want to enjoy playing again, we need to allow our body to relax and let go of a lot of beliefs. Do we dare to NOT be in control? To surrender?  If we are willing to play, we need to be authentic. This is about our Body’s way. It’s the breath that connects the yin and yang. It is about learning to understand voidness and relationships.

Do you still answer YES to all three of the questions?

Is een Do-In opleiding iets voor jou?

Ontdek ons brede aanbod in Yoga opleidingen. In vijf stappen inzicht in wat jou in de weg staat.

Meer weten?

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